Learning to Lead at the Feet of Jesus

Encounters with Grace and Truth

Despite our best intentions, many of us struggle to consistently reflect Jesus in our leadership. We look for answers in current Christian best-sellers, the latest business trends, or the newest leadership theories. But the Gospels suggest a very different starting point: a new posture. No matter how lofty our title, status, or renown as leaders, we can never rise higher in the kingdom than to the feet of Jesus.

Building on Jesus’s intimacy with the Father, Learning to Lead at the Feet of Jesus highlights the rich relational setting in which Jesus exercised leadership and developed his followers into leaders. In the context of his intentional “with-ness,” Jesus generously shared his life and authority with the Twelve.

Poulter draws on a wide variety of cross-cultural experiences and invites leaders to a refreshing journey of discovery, intimacy, and transformation. With reflective questions designed to provoke insight and self-awareness, this book challenges readers to deepen their understanding and appreciation of Jesus, and evaluate their own beliefs, assumptions, and cultural expectations about leadership.

What’s This About?

This website and the book it’s built around, Learning to Lead at the Feet of Jesus, are designed to inspire men and women to lead in ways that:

  • Give the Father pleasure
  • Bring glory to Jesus, and
  • Enable them to wisely shepherd the people, churches, and organizations they are leading.

It’s your invitation to explore what it will take to see these three things happen and to encourage you to lead from a posture of reverent submission at His feet. 

“We are never secure from our own darkness.”

– Theologian Urban T. Holmes


I see this book as a textbook that needs to be shared with especially those who aspire to leadership or those just entering into leadership positions. While I initially read it in one sitting, it would be an effective tool for a small group study where each chapter could be addressed in detail. I especially appreciated the deep insightful questions that Todd asks in each chapter. If the reader would take time to write down an honest response to each of these questions he would have his own in-depth leadership profile and be able to address both strengths and weaknesses.

– Richard