As you think through your own development as a leader…  

What were your formative experiences? 

Who were the people involved? 

What were the events?  Major decisions? 

What life and ministry values has He forged in you? 

As you look at where God has put you today, think of the paths He has taken you on to bring you to this point.

What were the significant places and faces along the way? 

What new directions did you have to take? 

How have you experienced God’s creativity in guiding you to where you are today? 

What have been your greatest surprises?

What happened when you took a wrong turn? What did you learn?

When viewed individually, these people, events, and circumstances may not seem particularly significant. But taken together, they allow us to begin to discern how God has been at work molding and shaping our character as His son or daughter and developing us as leaders in His Kingdom.

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